• CFO Services

    discsCompanies operating without a Chief Financial Officer may often struggle with analyzing major business components, including sales, operating costs, and cash flow. The role of a CFO in a company is to evaluate all aspects of your company’s operations to ensure smooth functioning and scalability to support future growth. Our CFO division analyzes and determines if you are financially and operationally sound, we work with you and your team to ensure all personnel are in the right role for his/her skills, we assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a realistic and executable plan that includes systems to monitor and measure the progress of your strategic initiatives. Additionally, the CFO should provide clarity around the financial consequences of business and strategy decisions. As your CFO, we use your organization’s financial statements and key performance indicators to drive strategic decisions of your company. We understand how successful companies balance revenues with staffing so we look at compensation structuring. We provide your businesses with financial analysis and improve your decision-making process in all areas of the business including sales, marketing, service, operations and administration.

  • Business Brokerage

    We provide business brokerage services for business owners in Florida who are ready to sell their business. Whether a business owner wants to retire or is burned out, we will work to connect the right buyer for your business. 

    If a business owner wants to expand their presence by purchasing another company, we work to find a business that fits their criteria and facilitate the purchase. 

    We also assist businesses and people interested in purchasing a business in Florida. Because of our experience in providing due diligence services for buyers, we educate our buyers to find and purchase a business that meets their specifications.

  • Strategy Consulting

    If you own a small business, have you created a road map for your business’ success? We facilitate the process of looking at owners’ personal and professional goals and guiding them through a path that allows them to achieve their objectives and intentions. This path is guided by the business owner and is consistently reviewed so that they can make adjustments as the business environment changes.We help you maximize your company performance while increasing profitability. We help you create a roadmap for your business success with continued accountability check-ins to ensure your goals are being achieved. This includes profit strategies, gross margin and cash flow analysis. A key component of growing is knowing how you stack up to your competition. Many business owners don’t compare their business performance against their competitors. We also look at the cross departmental efforts of operations, sales, marketing and information technology to ensure the business goals are yielding the intended results and help identify ways to boost performance.

  • Marketing Consulting

    Marketing is a key component to achieving financial success. We listen to your company goals, find out who your target audience is and what your budget is to recommend a plan to market your business to your customers.

  • Financial Due Diligence

    Financial due diligence for a business sale is the process of verifying the financial information about a business, as provided by the business owner (seller), is correct and accurate. We have years of experience in providing buyers’ financial due diligence for our clients interested in purchasing a business.

    Because of our experience in understanding what makes a business attractive to prospective buyers, we offer engagements to assist a business owner to get their business ready to sell for maximum sales price.

    Full due diligence should be a condition of a buyer’s offer. Due diligence should cover several aspects of the prospective business. While we offer the financial due diligence services, we also collaborate with the client in all aspects of due diligence process relating to operations, employee relations, legal, marketing, products and technology infrastructure.

  • Financial Review Meetings

    Are you asking yourself, “I am happy with the amount of business I am bringing in so why don’t I have more money in my bank account?” At Rayburn Business Strategies, we find the root of the problem that is causing cash flow challenges and help business owners develop a plan to mitigate those challenges. All companies should review their financial performance on a regular basis. As with many businesses, owners are too involved with the day-to-day operations and they neglect reviewing their financials. Business owners discover financial problems after they occur. We offer periodic financial review sessions with business owners and select the timing of these meetings to best meet our client’s needs. We review the financial statements and ask probing questions to assist the business owner in understanding and improving their financial situation

  • Organizational and Human Performance Improvement Consulting Services

    We have found that not having the correct organizational structure and process flow has a tremendous impact on the financial strength of the business. We offer analysis of organizational structure, business process mapping, analysis and improvements, leadership training, meeting facilitation and more.