Retention is a difficult aspect of working with Millennials. According to a study by the Education Advisory Board, Millennials will change jobs up to 20 times in their career – a rate twice as high as Baby Boomers.  Millennials are also most open to starting their own business. The internet and social media have made […]


Tactical vs. Strategic. This is one of the challenges fractional CFOs have in educating their potential clients. Bookkeepers and accountants perform day to day transactions. This tactical role is meant to address the need for recording the company’s financial information. The fractional CFO is the strategist who studies the future of the company in order […]

What Causes Business Sales to Fizzle Before They Make it to the Closing Table

We found this article does an excellent job of explaining the most common reasons we have experienced working with business buyers and sellers. Please contact us if you have questions about what you read below. By Tim Bellon | March 23, 2020 There is a sad fact about business sales that nobody wants to talk about. Most […]

Profits and Cash are not the Same

Many business owners are stumped because their Profit and Loss Statement shows a profit month after month but they are having trouble paying their bills. Further, in busier months, their Profit and Loss Statement shows a loss. Profits are just that-your revenues are greater than your expenses. Showing a profit doesn’t mean you have cash. […]

Leaders should never say…

In my practice, I coach senior management on alternative approaches for better communication with their employees. Much of the frustration from both managers and employees is centered around the way they communicate with each other.  For example, when an employee shares an idea they have with their manager, the last thing he/she wants to hear […]