How to make advertising work for your business

These are the lessons I have learned over the 25 years in the accounting field. Marketing shouldn’t ever be cut from the budget. If thought out properly, marketing can make your business succeed beyond your expectations. If done haphazardly, you are throwing money down the drain. If you are going to advertise your business, you should think of these things before you start spending money.

1) Determine who your ideal client is – who is your target market?

2)Develop a unique selling proposition – what makes you stand out among your competitors?

3)Every place your company appears must have the same logo, same tag line and the same colors.

4)Promote the benefits of using your services/products over all others. Consumers want to know what is in it for them.

5)Just because you like your ad, doesn’t mean it’s effective – your prospects may not take the bait if it doesn’t speak to them.

6)You have 3-5 seconds to grab someone’s attention. The headline should be your focus and super simple.

7)Client testimonials are usually successful – Educational/Informing ads are also good bets.

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Marketing Your Business

Before you start spending marketing dollars, you should do some soul searching and researching to make your dollars count!  First, you should define your product/service. Offer your product or service with specific pricing so a customer can quickly determine whether they want to investigate further. What hours is your office/store open or services available and what computer and/or equipment you need to sell efficiently such as a POS system or a credit card square. Customers are more likely to buy from a company that is quick and easy to do business with.  Next, define your target audience. Specifically, who are the customers/clients you are targeting, where do they live, shop and what are their spending habits? The third step is to research your competition. What makes them successful and what do they do poorly? Determine what your company will offer that is different  from the competition and the best product/service. Contact for more information.