What do Prospective Buyers or Loan Institutions Look for in Your Company?

We often get asked this question and no matter what type of industry a business operates in, the answer is the same. Prospective Buyers or Loan Institutions initially look for increasing revenue and profits along with assets higher than liabilities. Who wants to give money for a company that owes more than it has? If the company passes the initial test, then they look at growth potential, solid management team, quality products or services, strong sales team, systems and processes in place and an overall strategic plan for the company.  If a business owner believes he/she is going to be in this position in the future, he/she needs at least a year, preferably 3 years, to prepare and ensure that all areas are in the best shape possible before talking to a buyer/loan institution.  Rayburn Business Strategies has an experienced team of professionals to work with your business to get your company in a positive purchase or lending position.