Welcome to 2015! Here is some information you should take note…

The 2015 business mileage reimbursement rate is $.575 per mile up from $.56 per mile in 2014. Also, the new minimum wage for 2015, effective January 1, 2015, is $8.05 per hour. Tipped employees direct hourly wage is $5.03 per hour as of January 1, 2015. The employer mandate under ObamaCare has been delayed for […]

Quick tips for increasing cash flow

Here are a few tips to increase your cash flow: -Minimize Accounts Receivable by billing timely, using incentives to get customer payments faster and follow up on collections -Keep inventory at a manageable level -Look at your customer base and focus on your most profitable products/services -Great Customer Service=More Sales -Require at least 50% payment […]

Marketing Your Business

Before you start spending marketing dollars, you should do some soul searching and researching to make your dollars count!  First, you should define your product/service. Offer your product or service with specific pricing so a customer can quickly determine whether they want to investigate further. What hours is your office/store open or services available and […]